Buenos Aires- Missed it by That Much!

Hostel Nagual, near International airport, Buenos Aires

We were so close to getting home. Thanks to the Embassy here, and the Canadian government, a repatriation flight was scheduled with Air Canada for April 5.

We were excited. But over the week our situation changed and unfortunately we were unable to take that flight.

It was very disappointing for sure. We do want to get home.

On a bright note though, we are fine and living in a beautiful location. Our hosts Matias and Yamile are incredibly good to us.

Bob and Yamile cooking at Hostel Nagual, Tristán Suaréz, Buenos Aires, Argentina

One night they served us a traditional Argentinian dish called Pollo al Disco. Cooked over a wood fire, it is a stew of chicken and vegetables with chunks of potato. The name describes the pan, which uses a field disc as the lid.  Originally cooked outdoors by farmers while working the land, with added cream and spices it was really delicious.

Matías and Yamile serve up a traditional chicken dish cooked over an outdoor fire

Since there are 3 rooms at Hostel Nagual, most days we meet new travellers, who  want to be close to the airport to catch a flight home. We enjoyed chatting with a friendly Swiss couple, Astrid and Christoph, whose road stories were similar to ours. Days of driving to get to BA, sleeping at gas stations and being moved by police in the middle of the night. Even so, we all agree that we want to return to Argentina so that these are not our final memories of this beautiful country.

Christoph and Astrid heading to the airport for flight to Switzerland. Wearing painter type masks they were given on their drive to BA.

Another night we met a Swedish anaesthetist named Monica who is going home to Sweden to work at the hospital. To get to BA, she and her boyfriend rented a car for $1000 after Argentinian national flights and buses were closed.  And we met a young French couple who had arranged 6 months off from their jobs, to travel in South America. But this pandemic cut short their travels after 3 weeks.

The stories are endless.

Below are some photos of our hostel and the surrounding community of Tristán Suárez. This woodsy area is full of acreage size grassy lots, with stately brick homes set back from the road. Iron entrance gates. Matias tells us that most are weekend homes for wealthy Porteńos, the name for people living in Buenos Aires.

Out for a walk one day, I saw more horses than people.

Woodsy community, Tristán Suárez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
These horses enjoying their freedom in this quiet community; at Hostel Nagual, Argentina
Woodsy community, Tristán Suárez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hostel Nagual, near International airport, Buenos Aires
Persimmon tree at Hostel Nagual, near International airport, Buenos Aires
Outdoor lounge at Hostel Nagual, near International airport, Buenos Aires


6 Replies to “Buenos Aires- Missed it by That Much!”

  1. Sorry you didn’t make the flight, but doesn’t look like you are suffering. What a beautiful place to wait until the next flight. You look very happy, Bob!

  2. Thinking of you both. It looks like a beautiful hospitable place to ride out the delays and to keep your spirits up! Your hosts sound amazing. Please stay safe! Home soon…xo

  3. You 2 don’t look to be suffering which is a good thing. Bob did you get the recipe for the Argentinian chicken stew over an open fire?Looks delicious. Stay safe. Keep us updated.

  4. Oh my! I hope there is another flight coming your way. I have been keeping track of your journey and reliving ours. So grateful we went last year but sorry your trip is being cut short. However, you will have lots to look forward to for the next time. We too enjoyed Argentina and know there are many other places we would like to see there. All the best and safe keeping.

  5. Hey.
    So close, yet so far.
    Argentina looks fabulous, the people very welcoming, the weather spectacular, and I love the horses allowed to roam free,
    Best of everything, going forward.
    Barb Macdonald

  6. Wondering how you are doing it does look like you are fine there.
    Do you know when you will be able to get a flight home.
    Looks very nice there still a little cold here.
    We are okay staying home like we are supposed to do
    Go for walks when weather permits.
    Hope you are both fine.

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