Medellín, Colombia

We spent a little over a week at Al Bosque camp, near the tiny village of Santa Elena. Situated in the mountains just east of Medellin, the whole area seems to be carved out of the forest, a wandering paved road connecting trimmed yards, small restaurants, and public parks. Tall cedar and pine hug the roadways, with striking orange Black Eyed Susan vine climbing everywhere, over hedges and fences. Continue reading “Medellín, Colombia”

Cartagena to Medellin; driving through Colombia

On route 25, it is 640 kilometres from Cartagena to the city of Medellin, but it is not an easy drive. In that distance the altitude rises from 100 feet in Cartagena to over 8500 feet before it drops down to Medellin. The road was decently paved with only random holes or bumps to avoid. Having had the fuel pump replaced the van seemed re energized. It was not long though before we experienced car troubles again. Continue reading “Cartagena to Medellin; driving through Colombia”