Leaving Home

Leaving Home  Getting ready to leave this week has been hectic.   Over the last few months we have generated oodles of hand written lists, printed out lists from other travelers, made up scraps of paper with “don’t forget”.  Right now these are spread all over the kitchen table.

Most items have been crossed off.  The rest just won’t get done.

This week, Bob updated the van with solar panels and a kitchen.  We installed a Dometic fridge which, with unusual forethought, we purchased in the spring.  Some things are already packed, but honestly tomorrow we will just throw all the rest of the stuff into the van, take a deep breath, and drive off.

It will all get sorted out somewhere.

The Plan  is to head south from our home province of Manitoba until we get to the end of the road.  The route will take us through the United States, then Mexico, and on down through Central America and South America.

Our final destination is known as the southern most city in the world.  Ushuaia, Argentina.

We are excited to finally get some road time!

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